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Top 5 Ways To Save Money On Renting A Moving Truck

The majority of moves are “do it yourself moves” and the best way to save money moving is just that- to sweat it out, rent your own truck, and invite your buddies to help.

But how do you save money on trucks?

#1 Use MovingTrucks.co to compare costs.

MovingTrucks.co is the only site in the world that compares moving truck costs and is great starting place to get an idea of which trucks are most cost-effective for your move.

#2 When reserving your truck experiment with dates.

Based upon the day of the week a rental cost may change based upon supply and demand. Also, the time of the year matters. Almost half of all moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Experimenting with different dates could save you money.

#3 Save Money on Your Moving Truck With Discounts

A quick google search can reveal discounts for the larger moving truck companies. Also, AAA, AARP, and military can all get you discounts as well for moving trucks.

#4 Bargain for a Better Price.

After using MovingTrucks.co to compare cost you can also call other moving truck companies and ask them to beat the previous company’s estimate. In many situations as long as they can make a profit they will be willing to beat other company’s offers.

#5 Select the right truck.

As Moving Insider shares. “One way to save money on a local move is to make sure that you have the right size truck.” The smaller the truck the lower the cost, but with fuel cost  the more trips and the more days you rent the truck, the more you will end of paying. All the major moving truck companies give details on how many rooms (and none of them agree) you can move with a certain sized truck. Save money by selecting the right truck.